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Who we are


one idea, five gray heads, one goal. 

In the fall of 2022, a PhD in microbiology and patent attorney, a PhD in food technology, a product developer, a retail executive and a business economist connected with each other, followed by many "Zoom" calls from Portugal, Belgium and Germany. An idea became a plan and, after many bureaucratic hurdles, finally Teltex Food Components was born. 

Technical image with "Startup" lettering in the middle, graphs and analysis symbols around it
KI-Generiertes Bild von der Erde mit Resycling Symbol drumherum, im Hintergrund Pflanzen

Our mission

Sustainable and global nutrition will be one of the most pressing issues in the future, which will find a solution particularly through innovations in the food and agricultural industries.

We offer an innovative portfolio of products in the area of extrusion of raw materials and by-products for the food industry, which offers our customers the opportunity to serve the rapidly growing market for healthy and sustainable food, also from a cost-effective perspective.

Core values


We do not strive for perfection but for an optimal solution that enables us to act in a future-oriented manner.

Fair play

Whether employees, customers, suppliers or business partners, respect and fairness is the basis of our actions.


A word that is often used carelessly and has a far-reaching meaning. Sustainability, beyond colorful labels, is a central pillar in solving future problems for us.

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